Self Portrait Sep 2015


SelfPortret.JPG.CMYKSelfPortret 9-15 Adj

I decided to do a one shot selfie for the bases of my portrait. However I looked in the picture is how I would draw myself. I challenged myself to keep with the original picture.
With a clear mind I started using charcoal on multi-media paper. Starting with a circle to create the space the head would take up. Adding the neck and shoulders from the original picture I figured the angle of the shoulders in relation to the head. Then add in the general shapes for the facial features such as eyes and ears. Once the light base lines for the sketch were laid out I went over the temporary lines to finalize the outline of the portrait. Then I laid down light marks in the area of value change from the light spots appearing whither white space to the dark lines depicting the shadows from my hair around the neck. Using the lines to show the motions of the shadows over the skin. That create the illusion of shadow and dimension. Making the lines curve with the shape of the cheeks and neck. Going down in to the shirt darkening the side that was away from the light source. Then I added the outline for the glasses that cover the eyes and go pass the space of the head. Darkening the frames to stand out from the shadowing of the face. The lips and teeth where outlined in relation to the nose and cheek lines. Using a stump to blend the lines of charcoal to smooth the lines and create realistic shadowing. After finishing the general face the hair was drawn in to show the strands being held back with a hair tie. Once the hair was sketched out darker to the head lightening closer to the top as it spreads and light gets through. Finishing of the sketch with final details and lighting.


About dercks

Shelby is a student at Alfred State College in Digital Media and Animation.
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