Point and Line

Line and point 2      color pencils, Markers 9” x 12”      2015

Point and Line 1Yarn, clay, felt, buttons, embroidery floss, glass marbles, small rope, puffballs, pipe cleaner, paper, light. 24” x 11”


Artist Statement:

Silence not a word spoken just the scratch of a pencil or the swish of paper being moved. In silence crafts and art are made in many ways. The pictures shows that even though I am shy express myself through my art work be it crocheting with yarn or drawing with a pencil. The use of different materials to make the name creates contrast to the gray shadows of silent in both works. In the pictures silent is left white or gray to balance out the colors used in Shelby. The change in materials and design of Shelby being verity in to the pictures where the silent is left the same threw out the spelling. The change in size between the silences in the drawing to the Shelby shows how even though silent is small and quit word behind it is a large creative person. The works show me a bashful person who works to create and express myself with art instead of words.


About dercks

Shelby is a student at Alfred State College in Digital Media and Animation.
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