Bristol Vellum, Markers, Photos. 11” x 14”          2015

Artist Statement: After touring Alfred I created a map to depict the places I had visited. Starting with the Terra Cotta coffeehouse where there is a statue with three coffee beans are sitting on a bench they are shown on top of the coffee cup and ending with an amazing sculpture depicted in the lower right corner. The Scholes Library is shown using a book with symbols from the librarians’ cards available at the front desk. The Herrick Memorial Library book has the sun catcher that hanging in the side entrance floating above. The cartoonish map stars one of my earliest characters in my drawings known as Bunbun. The shadows are represented by lines of varying sizes to show the change in value. The change in thickness of the lines separate the details from the outlines.


About dercks

Shelby is a student at Alfred State College in Digital Media and Animation.
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