Run Away Lunch the Flipbook Animation

Run Away Lunch

Flipbook animation By: Shelby Derck

Pencil and pen                                 Sep 2015

Marker pens                                   Sep 2015

For this flip-book project I chose to Otto Mesmer created of Felix the Cat. I watched his character Felix the Cat in Astronomeous, Switches Witches, A Good Turn, Felix Saves the Day, and All Balled Up. Felix’s body is mostly black with his muzzle and eyes being white, so when the arms overlap the body they disappear as the color blends. In frame one to thirty-three the fox has the same design. The background in the Felix cartoons usually show the sky for about one-fourth of the frame with Felix being near the bottom leaving a fourth of the space from the sky so his body. Like in A Good Turn when Felix is put outside and you can see the night sky takes up a small fraction of the background. I try to use the same background setup in frames one to eighteen when the fox is unpacking the basket. In some of the animations Mesmer uses a circle to show close-ups or follow the motions of objects, like the arrow in Astronomeous that Felix shoots into space and in All Balled Up when the golf ball is placed on a turtle that moves it. This way of showing perspective is used in frames thirty-four to forty-two where the sandwich is walking away. In frames twenty-two to twenty-six I base of the movement of Felix’s head on the card in Switches Witches when it looks around till it sees the female on the other card. In Astronomeous and Felix Saves the Day the line of sight is shown with a dotted line to show where Felix looks of screen, I use the same technique in frames twenty-six to thirty-three where the fox sees the sandwich walking away.

    In the animating of the first flip-book the smoothest motion I got was in the first frames one to seven where the fox takes out the sandwich and sets it down, I believe it is the slow movements of the arm that help the motion look smooth. The movement of the sandwich in frames ten to twenty are stiff as the sandwich moves farther than it should between frames and changes in size. I will work on keeping consistent size and movement in the second animation. In the scene consisting of frames fourth-three threw fifty-four the blink and hand movements are slow and stiff due to the many frames used for the short movement. One of the hard things with my first animation was trying to fill in the body of my fox threw out the flip-book and the black space around the circles in frames thirty-four to fourth-two. Using a pencil for my first animation made filling in the black difficult and left lines from the motion of the pencil, so I plan to use marker for my second animation. I found the background lines moved often and the shape changed as each frame the lines blurred more by the eighteenth. frame the space in the tree shrunk and the bush lost most of the bumps seen in frame one. The movements of the fox and sandwich are hard to see in the frames one to eighteen when the scene is zoomed out to show the background before zooming in on frame nineteen. Due to the problems of the zoomed out first frames I plan to redo the frames all zoomed in as nineteen, so the movements are easier to see.

    My second animation was done in marker instead of pencil as the first was done, that smoothed out the lines when filling in the black space. For the second animation I added the change of the tail into a question mark as seen in a few of the Felix the Cat cartoons. The change of the tail into a question mark is used to show confusion when the fox finds his sandwich missing. I also changed how the mouth is open in frames fourth-eight to fourth-nine and fifty-seven and fifty-eight to mimic how Mesmer shows Felix’s open mouth from the side. Though I still had the problem with changes in size and form threw out the frames as my hand movement caused small changes that transferred threw the frames and caused larger changes from the first scrape to the last. Even with the problems I did have fun making the flip-book and seeing it animated on the computer threw Framerator.


About dercks

Shelby is a student at Alfred State College in Digital Media and Animation.
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