Spatial Translation with Shapes

FSCN5313Paper, felt, photoshop, tissue paper, water color pencils, and Illustrator       2015

Artists Statement: While taking pictures around my backyard, I saw many plants and fences in the same area. This combination of natural and geometric shapes was so compelling I decided to create abstract art based on six of the pictures. To start this project I gathered a mix of materials to create the artworks in different medias. Two of the works are digital, three are cut and paste crafts, and the one is a drawing. As I find it hard to go completely abstract most of the shapes and colors come directly from the original images, like the diamond shapes from the fence colored green for the leaves in my second work. Each work shows a connection between the plants like the interlocking lines of the first work that show the even though the lines are separated by color they create the sides of a sturdy triangle. All the works show a connection between Geometric man made structures and the natural plants. In each image the fence or building, represented by the purple line, is shown behind the plants and in a smaller scale, to show that even though the structures are strong the plants overpower them in time when no one takes care of them. These works show that even though the separate fence is strong the plants are more sturdy and will continue to grow over the unmovable structure till it is gone, like an abandoned house that is overgrown with vines till the wood gives out and falls back to the earth.


About dercks

Shelby is a student at Alfred State College in Digital Media and Animation.
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