Visiting Fosdick-Nelson Gallery: Typology Morphology

GrassGrass Close upGrass Tag

Full Image                                        Close-up


Afrian Pompano                                                    Lookdown
Fish 1.2 Tag

       While Visiting the Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, I saw many artworks form various artist, but the three I most connected with are Blue Grama-Bouteloua gracilis, African Pompano, and Lookdown.  I find the more nature based works just pull me in when I see art. The fine detail in the Grama-Bouteloua gracilis by M. Essig is so compelling. I found my self being drawn in as I noticed the small lines that made up the stem that continued to the seeds and roots. It makes you wonder how they got such detail into the image. The other two works by Brandon Ballengée are so colorful and detailed you would think the fish could swim of the page. The contrast in African Pompano between the light blue used for the skin and the reddish pink used for the skeleton is beautifully  done. Both the blue and pink colors look like they are similar in tone but the difference in opacity allows the pink to standout.


About dercks

Shelby is a student at Alfred State College in Digital Media and Animation.
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