Abstract Snake Idea

Abstract Snake Idea

By: Shelby Derck

My abstraction animation is a mixture of kinetic and spiritual/cognitive as the original concept was to abstract the movements of a snake chasing prey threw cut-out paper, but the story behind it changed to a cognitive meaning showing my trouble with choosing an idea for this project. The snake represented by the circles coming out and striking forward is my getting started on trying to find an idea. The square represents the prey comes into view as I start to get an idea. The circles come and as I get close to a plausible idea it slips away. The change in the circles color like in the music abstraction “lichtspiel: opus 1 by Walter Ruttman that shows change in tone, show frustration at the loss of idea and then the chase begins. As the need for the idea grows so did the shapes shown when the larger square and circle pass by to big to see the whole shape. This I got from “Allegretto” by Oskar Fischinger that shows change in size as volume of the notes changes from soft to loud and back to soft. Then as I my frustration calms some represented by the green circles that corner the idea and both red and green close in on the square. Those the idea is caught and a combination of calm green and frustrated red come together in the same snake with two heads one calm as I had an idea but frustrated in how to go about animating the idea for this project. The animation ran faster when recorded than shown in framerator, so it goes by faster than I expected. The smoothest motion was during the beginning when the circles come out and curve around into a strike pose the first six seconds. The fast movement in the end make it hard to tell how well the motion flows, but the movement is consistent throughout the stop-motion animation.


About dercks

Shelby is a student at Alfred State College in Digital Media and Animation.
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