Tree Poster: Shadows of Life


Photoshop                                          Oct 2015

The Shadows of Life poster is based off a picture I have taken of the tree known as “The Labyrinth Tree.” When looking at the original I noticed the contrast between the sun in the upper right corner and the shadows cast from the tree in the lower left corner, with the tree in the center creating a line of site from the dark shadows to the branches in the light sunshine. The dark shadows on the tree gave me the feeling of darkness and I thought of that darkness coming of the tree and fading into the light. Using photoshop smoke effect paintbrushes I added fading wisps of shadows that come from the tree. For my two objects I chose to do the silhouette of Billy the greyhound and a classmate who was sitting in the tree from another photo. The other animals are the effect of specialized photoshop paintbrushes. As I looked on the image I thought of how all life cast shadows on the world in the light of the life giving sun. Just as all life depends on the sun to grow the plants that feed the herbivores, who in turn feed the carnivores that become nutrients for plants to grow. Using the silhouettes of animals and combining them with the trees shadow gives a sense of unity. While framing the image in black I added a similar text in white that says Life of Shadows because as we go through our lives so too do our shadows, and when we touch another being our shadows combine into one even though we are still separate in body.


About dercks

Shelby is a student at Alfred State College in Digital Media and Animation.
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