Project 5: Scale Change and Lumi Print

Scale-Change.BAT Photoshop                                                                  Oct 2015


Lumi Print Shirt  8.5″ x 11″                                    Oct 2015

 The receding letters show change in scale as they get smaller and move up as the words are spelled out creating a depth to the image as if disappearing behind the head. Above the smaller image of my head is a bat hanging upside down a play on the words hanging out as bats are know to hang upside down when resting. The larger bat creates the opposite scale of reality as normally bats are smaller than a parson and the larger scale of the bat balances out the smaller image and text underneath. The Image is laid out almost in a Z pattern as the eye are drawn along the wings of the large bat to the head leading down to the words as they recede behind the head. The wings create a V flow to the bats head creates a vertical flow towards the visible half of the face between HANGING OUT brings focus back to the visible half of the face.The bats head leads your eyes around the rest of the work as it looks down on the lower images and the fade on the bats lower body create the illusion of darkness or shadows that the bat is descending from.Using a Lumi print kit I create a transparency of the image created in Photoshop and printing it on to a shirt using Lumi ink and the uv rays from the sun. The shirt image did not turn out as detailed as the original photoshop image due to weather but the flow of the image is similar to the original.


About dercks

Shelby is a student at Alfred State College in Digital Media and Animation.
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