Gallery Visit Essay

Trip to the Cohan Gallery

        The Cohan Gallery was having an exhibit known as Windows of Vulnerability that had art work from three artist Lauren Gallaspy, Hollis Hammonds, and Sara Parent Ramos. While looking threw the gallery there were many works of great detail and feeling. The three artworks that fallow caught my attention the most do to the chaotic mess that still has solid form to them. They compelled me to look at them from a far and up close just to see the shapes and details that were used to create them. The works give the feelings of disorganization and destruction as you try and find meaning in them.

“Cascade” by Hollis Hammonds appers to be a jumbled mess of odd and ends falling from the sky. While looking at the drawing it almost feels like a chaotic day as if everything done or needed to be done has combined in to one mass and is slowly falling apart. The defined shapes of the tire and chair give focal points for your eyes to focus first before getting lost in the jumble of broken parts again. The changes of values in the mess give depth to the image as if the mess continues beyond what the observer can see.

The collaboration of materials in Parent-Ramos “Turbidity: Twitter and Tumbler” create a powerful image as you see a flat image being built upon and covered up by three-dimensional medias. The black highlight the white center that leads into the bright yellows that escape out the top. The jumbled mess gives the feeling of turbidity that social cites create. With so many people on the sites adding on to the mass of post and images creates the same effect as particles clouding water. You soon can just barley see the where the messages started out just as you can barley see the canvas threw the image.

Just the look of the materials alone drew me into Gallaspy’s works as the black ink on the light transparent paper creates a compelling image. One of the three works done in ink on vellum depicts what I assume is rabies entitled “Once Bitten.” In the image there is such a chaotic combination of bones and diamond like pattern on the top half Contrast the clean outlines of the dogs’ lower bodies and provide a great balance for this work. The dog closer to the front appers to have the disease first as the chaotic diamond like pattern is included in the back leg and the blackened head, while the dog in the middle-ground still looks heathier and more defined facial features.

The Cohan Gallery’s recent exhibit is a great collection of artworks that give form to inner feelings or thoughts that normally have no set form. One work that is a combination of 6 small images that depicts the months of pregnancy by Parent-Ramos that is confusing yet compelling to look at as you search for reason in them. There were also a few statues and vases that one could look at for a while just to figure them out. If one really likes arts that they can give there own story or meaning to the Windows of Vulnerability has such works to look at.

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Shelby is a student at Alfred State College in Digital Media and Animation.
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