Journal 9: Endangered Animals Research


I chose one of the most trafficked endangered species known as the Pangolin. They are one of the only mammals covered with scales made of the same materials as our finger nails and like an Armadillo can roll into a ball to protect themselves. Pangolins have no teeth and use a tong, like an anteater, that is longer than their entire body to collect ants and termites. The insects are ground up by the strong stomach muscles moving rocks the Pangolin collects while eating. Pangolins are compared to skunks as well as anteaters and armadillos because they can reales a strong odder from glands near the tail. They have bad eye sight and find food mostly by smell. Most of the species are nocturnal but a few do move about during the day. The front claws grow to long to walk on well so most movement is done while holding front paws and tail in the air while walking on hind legs. Some of the species can climb trees and a few can do it with only their hind legs as if standing sideways.


      The only great threat to the Pangolin population is human poachers. The Pangolin is killed for both the meat that is considered a delicacy for the rich in china  and scales that are used in folk remedies or medicines. The scales are also used for clothes and aphrodisiacs. The greatest defense for a Pangolin is rolling in a ball which protects them from predators like lions or tigers but that same defense is what makes them easily captured by traffickers. Once they roll up alls you have to do is pick them up and move them there is very little they can do.


For a tool I was thinking of drawing a flexible suit that allows the Pangolin to still roll up in defense but makes it dangerous to touch or move the Pangolin while in this form. The armor would have spikes on the tail and back because even thought there main defense is rolling up they will also swish their tails to hit predators. The spikes will act like prongs on a taser and shock or immobilize the attackers. Also giving them goggles that work like glasses to fix their eye sight to allow them to see in coming danger. Or arm them with some type of projectile that is activated by a sensors along the back. I also thought of a brace along the spine that consist of a something similar to a conveyer belt that when the Pangolin rolls up activate and moves the rolled up Pangolin like a wheel.



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Terracotta Coffee Shop Drawing

IMG_1738Ebony Pencil                               Oct 2015


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