Glitch Artist Page

The glitch artist Rosa Menkman uses accidents in both analogue and digital media to create some of her works. In Menkman’s 2012 TEDxUtrecht video she refers to glitches as, “a bench mark or threshold creating new problems and finding new solutions.” One of her video works titled “The Collapse of PAL” which is a tribute to the end of Phase Altering Lines. The audio glitching along with the visual creates a feel as if you are watching an old video where the sound fluctuate and the images are blurred with sections of added glitch where the lines phase altering lines are visable. Menkman calls the genre of Glitch art a process of non-conforming, ambiguous reformations. Looking at her works like “Xilitla” you see what she was talking about in her TEDx talk about glitches making people ask questions. The odd look of the figure makes you think of what went wrong in the modeling but in truth it is how it looks. people assume that the glitches are actual problems instead of art at first but watching her works give the viewer an artistic view to the problems that most get frustrated with.


About dercks

Shelby is a student at Alfred State College in Digital Media and Animation.
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