11″x14″ Graphite                                                                              Nov 2015


11″x14″ Graphite                                                                                   Nov 2015

  For my endangered animal I choose the Pholidota or more commonly called the Pangolin. There are eight species of pangolin that are split between Asia and Africa that prefer either grasslands or forest depending on their location. Most of the Pangolin population in Asian has been hunted for years drawing them closer to extinction. The Pangolins are hunted for both their scales and meat. The scales are believed to have some healing effect and is used in folk remedies. The scales are also used to make clothes and jewelry. The meat is eaten in Asia and is seen as a statues symbol because of how  expensive it is to acquire the meat. The problem for Pangolins is their most effective defense also makes them vulnerable  to poachers. Rolling up into a ball can protect them from lions and tigers, but it makes them easy pickings for traffickers to pick up and throw in a sack. For my drawing I equipped the Pangolin with four stun-guns replacing the center back spines and a pair of prescription goggles to enhance the pangolins vision to see approaching danger. The stun-guns have heat sensing lights above the projectile prongs that are solar powered and retractible. The stun-guns will activate when the pangolin feels threatened and the guns will stun any nearby heat source. The non lethal guns are incase they are activated by a herbivore startling the Pangolin.

     The drawing itself bring focus to the closer aspects of the drawing while the portions of the Pangolin that are farther away fade into the background. Using darker shading for the closer shadows and lighter for the far away shading gives depth to the image. There is a contrast between the fading image and the solid form but there is a balance as the section complement each other.


About dercks

Shelby is a student at Alfred State College in Digital Media and Animation.
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