Paper Mask: Part 2 Drawing


Graphit 11″x 14″                                                      November 2015

The white masks gain contrast as they move diagonally across the paper. It almost appears as if the dark background is a fog that the mask is slowly coming out of as it blows bye. To help with the image the light source is set on the top right corner to shine on the clearest image of the mask.

Compared to earlier works, this image has more depth through the value shading then other works. I have also gained more confidence in use of darker mediums. My first works were drawn lightly on the pages as i feared creating marks to permanent that they could not be erased. Thought this class I have gained more experience and can be confident in my works more than I was before getting positive critiques in class from both my teacher and my peers.

Foundation Then and Now Write-Up:

Entering this class the first day I was a beginner at best. The only works I had done were cartoonish characters with there few drawings having backgrounds. Most of my drawings out side of art classes were doodles scribbled on the sides of notebooks. I had no knowledge of the elements and principles of art or the steps to start a drawing. I did use some of the steps without knowing what they were. I stated some artworks by setting down circles or lines to show the form of the creatures I drew and shaded them as I had seen in cartoons but taking this class gave me more understanding of art.

During this class I learned the principles and elements of art through the projects we did. Each time we critiqued our works the things I needed to improve were pointed out to me, before I would feel something was off but could not tell what. Now I am able to see the problems more easily if they are there and fix them. Now drawings start with gesture lines that are fixed with grids, clock faces, and proportion to make the final drawing more life-like. I also learned to go away from the real image and add perspective shadings or textures to create different compositions to the final work.



About dercks

Shelby is a student at Alfred State College in Digital Media and Animation.
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