Journal F/M: Week1

What would be in my journal?:

My Journal would be mostly drawings and doodles that I do threw out the day on scraps or edges of papers and the stories that are behind them. Most of these drawings would be creatures that I create when bored that gain life during the drawing some are sleek and realistic others are chibi and cute. Other parts of the journal would be free time projects I would do like clay or paper crafts. The journal might also see some of my dreams if they stay long enough to be remembered.

I am hopping to learn how to draw the human figure this semester as humans have  always been  a problem to drawings.I would also like to learn how to create a story from a character or a character from a story. I hope to improve my skills gained from last year’s foundations class and build upon them.

Understanding Comics Ch1-2:(Notes&Thoughts):


T. The way that Scott first changed his view on comics and choses to become a Comics Artist and Practiced at it even when others did not understand his views on comics.

N. Comics-(refers to the medium itself not a specific object(comic book or comic stripe).

N.Will Eisner uses the term Sequential Art.(Neutral on matters of style, quality or subject matter)

N. Juxtaposed Pictorial and Other Images in Deliberate Sequence(Juxtaposed=Adjacent)

N.Projected animations are not comics, but film itself can be.

N.Comics n.plural in form, used with a singular verb 1. Juxtaposed Pictorial and Other Images in Deliberate Sequence, intended to convey information and/or to produce an aesthetic response in the viewer.

N.pre-columbian picture manuscript 39-foot long brightly colored, painted screenful (can be considered Comics.) Bayeux tapestry from France, 230 ft long tapestry (can be considered Comics.) Hieroglyphics are not Comics.

T. I never realized such images could be classified as comics art.

N.32 centuries ago Egyptians made comics images that were read zig-zag going up.


T. It is true when we see a picture we say it is what it is not but what it represents. the pipe is not a pipe or a painting but a drawing of a painting of a pipe.

N.ICON-Any image used to represent a image used to represent a person, place, thing or idea.

N.The Triangle depicting the separation between the realistic/abstract(non-Iconic) art works and the writing helps understand the relationship between the two. The Picture Plane-Language_Reality.

N. The fact we associate with a less defined character then the more realistic image do to the fact we do not see our faces as we see others. we associate realistic images with other people and simple images with our selves.

N. The extenuation of ones self into the objects we touch or wear like hats or cars is a non-visual awareness.

N. the use of simplified characters on realistic background helps readers associate more with the character than the scenery.

Blind Contours 1-5 and Blind Contour 5 Wire sculpture:


Caricature Drafts:

Final black & white Caricature:


About dercks

Shelby is a student at Alfred State College in Digital Media and Animation.
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