Project 1: Modular Origami Robot


The story I behind this robots design is that when I was younger we lived near a hill that at times was covered in tall grass that my sister and I use to play in. One of the things we would do is capture grasshoppers in a bucket till we had to go in, then we would release them. This play hunting we use to do got me thinking of a more predatory robot but at the same time still playful. I imagine him to be just knee high and move with bounding leap like strides following behind his owner on a hunt or prowling threw crops hunting OR3unwanted pests.The name that comes to me while thinking of the life story behind hime is Loki as I feel he would be mischievous and cause problems when not doing his job.

Modular design is the use of one set object or form multiple times to create something. The modular design of Loki is best viewed in the body and tail. Both parts are made out of one origami fold recreated multiple times in varying sizes then put together into one form. By keeping the all white paper consistent through out the form it allows for the lighting and value shading to define the form.





About dercks

Shelby is a student at Alfred State College in Digital Media and Animation.
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