PhotoShop 2016 Redo


The leaves crunches under pawed feet as they run across the ground each leg bending in  as the figure moves forward with their body leaning into the wind. A swish of color fallows the path of the body over the dirt road. Suddenly all movement stops as the figure stands still. From the black hair long black tipped rabbit ears stand out and twitching back and forth to pin point the cause for the sudden stop. Ahead of the figure a snap of a twig is heard and it is off again chasing the frantic noise of the fleeing pray. As the trees thin fierce purple eyes flash in the sunlight as they sharpen on the target. With a quick bend of the knees and a push off the ground the figure is air born and connects with the target’s back bringing both down hard on the ground with a puff of dust.

With a giggling laugh from the predator and a groaning sigh from the prey the dust clears to show a laughing female sitting on the back of a groaning male. The female stands up off the others back her short tail twitching back and forth from the excitement as she cheers her victory. The male’s ears droop down to frame his head as he slowly gets up as he listens to his friend’s victory chant. Pushing his glass up he sighs and wonders why he agreed to play hide-and-seek with her, especially now that his white shirt was covered in dirt and grass stains. Luckily his black pants did not show the dirt as bad, still he does not wish to press such luck. Turning to the hyper female who’s cloths had escaped any stains, he gives a cough to catch her attention and once she stopped bouncing and looked at him with big doe eyes. “how about as a reward I buy you a Sunday at Flick & Stick’s,” he says. With a cry of joy, she grabs his paw that had been fixing his shirt and forcefully drags him out of the park towards the ice cream shop as he stumbles trying to keep his balance. She rattles of all the flavors and how much she loves or hates each and every one. The male sighs as he tones her out wishing he had stayed in bed that day, a small smile crosses his face, Oh well, he thinks, at least she was happy.


Photoshop 2016


Photoshop 2016



Ink 18″x24″ 2016


Ink 18″x24″ 2016

Pencil,Photoshop 2016


About dercks

Shelby is a student at Alfred State College in Digital Media and Animation.
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