Final Exam: BFA 2016 Exhibition

1.Figurative Sculpture



Dana Town

King on the Verge

Terra-sigillata on stoneware, and fabric



King on the Verge focuses on the white speckled figure of an armless king surrounded by black curtains. It makes me think of a chess game in which the white king is surrounded by the black chess pieces about to be put in checkmate.

2.Sculpture using primarily point, line, and plane



Chelsea Leung

Define Dimension

acrylic, wire

48 x 48 x 48



The Define Dimension sculpture is the basic principles of line, point, and plane as the faces of the tetrahedron are the planes with holes acting as points for the wire that are lines weaved through out the inside of the form.

3.Sculpture using primarily rhythm and balance

CupPlate1.jpgJordana Carlson

Triangle Cup and Plate, 2016

Porcelain and slip

Cup: 4″ x 2.75″ x 2.75″

Plate:1″ x 6.5″ x 2.75″


The rhythm of up and down facing triangles is repeated threw out the piece. The simple black designs balance out evenly on the white surface of the cup and plate. The sculpture creates a simple black and white balanced piece.

4.Sculpture using primarily volume



Mary Gasper


Wire, Wax




The sculpture uses shadows of the wax coated wires to show volume in its form. The contrast of the light hitting the outside of the form highlights the inner wire and the shadows created by the light help enhance the volume.

5.Sculpture using primarily scale change






Rice Evas


stoneware, plywood, found table legs, corduroy pants, velvet pants, yarn, stuffing, upholstery tacks, lingerie, LED Lights, Embroidery Floss, Styrofoam, Kitchen Towel, Baby Powder, Paper Doilies, Hot Glue, Knitting Needles, Eye Shadow, Lip Gloss, Extra small clothespins, Loofa, Paint, Steel Wool, Exfoliation Gloves, Sponge, Mirror, Paper, Epoxy, Receipt, Push Pins, Grout, Nail Polish, Sequins, Sewing Pins, Rhinestones, Sugar

The House show scale change in the objects used are out of scale to each other. In the above images it shows underwear larger than the washer and products being out sized by the receipt.

6.An example of modular design



Danielle Furia


Ceramic, Terra Sigillata




Nightfall is made of what appears to be one shape of a odd circle with a white bead in the center. They are joined together into a single circular design that I believe to represent a moon or the night sky with splashes of color from the day.

7.Sculpture using space (primarily)


Danielle Furia


Porcelain, Thread






The Crosshatch uses the negative space to create the illusion of an upside down triangle with a white stripe in the center. The individual crosshatch pieces are grouped together to appear to be one sculpture connected by or eyes perceiving boundaries around them that are not there. As the pieces are separated by space filled with thin thread but the spacing of the the piece brings it together into one form similar to modular design.

8.Sculpture creating movement

Chair.jpgZach Zmirak

“Bricks, Chair, Clay, Wood”

Soft Bricks, Wooden Chair, Raw Clay, Wood


The simply named “Brick, Chair, Clay, Wood” shows movement in the bending of the board over the chair as it is tipped back. the precarious perch of the raw clay on the end of the board that seems to be only moments away from snapping gives the sculpture the appearance of movement as if stopped in the middle of the action of breaking.

9.Sculpture using primarily color




Kendra Newell

The Playground

Ceramic, PVC, Metal Rod



Even though The Playground could be used for modular design in that the ceramic bricks are all similar forms the different colored glazes truly give it the feel of a playground. The mish-mash of bright primary and secondary colors give the sculpture a child like feel but still have the use of contrasting colors like blue and orange on one of the window bricks.

10.Sculpture using primarily texture


Kara Pierce

Memory Bears

Ceramic, Fabric Burnout, Soda Fired



The bears from Memory Bears are mostly defined by their burnt texture. The waving rifles in the surfaces going out to thin points on the outer edges with very little color variations except the few tints of brown from the burning process.

11.Sculpture using pattern



Jordana Carlson

Marked Vase, 2016

Porcelain and slip


The vase uses patter of lines to create repeating shapes around the outside of the vase. The repeating patterns lead you around the vas as you follow the design of what looks similar to aqueducts  and follow that bushes or clouds around the piece. One can see the work that was put into keeping the designs to the same scale. The vase is characterized by more white space on the top and bottom surrounding an area of darker space filler with line patterns.

12.Sculpture using primarily mixed media




Jason Dearing

Living Room

Paper, cardboard, foam board, glue, tape, fabric, digital prints, found objects, and acrylic paint


The Living Room was a collection of fabricated furniture that was not to be sat on as even though they were ecstatically similar to the real thing they could not support anyone. The entire room was turned into what one would expect to see in a grandparents living room.

13.Sculpture primarily conceptual




Isabella A. Duncan

Pig Figure

Acrylic on wooden Panel with Chain






Pig Figure goes straight to the point of what it is, a hanging pig body from a butcher shop. The sculpture is simply a hanging pig body there is no real artistic change to what it is representing. even the name of the work simple states it is a pig figure.

14.Sculpture using time and motion


Light1.jpgRosleynn Denne


Glass, Metal, Light

Astrophile by Rosleynn Denne for BFA 2016 from Shelby Derck on Vimeo.


The Astrophile uses the motion of the turning rod to spin the glass orb that is light from below onto a tent above creating a changing image as the orb spins in time. the off set weight of the orb will pull it into the same position even if turned 180 degrees the orb will right its self to its original starting point.


About dercks

Shelby is a student at Alfred State College in Digital Media and Animation.
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