Self Critique for 3D Animation

SC 2016 from Shelby Derck on Vimeo.

During my 3rd semesters Intermediate 3D Animation class I worked on animations projects to learn and practice the principles of animation. The fist two animations of bouncing balls show a good start in simple arcs and moving, there is a bit spacing problem in the peek of the arcs and some back slide in the descending arcs. The second ball animation does need a bit more squash and stretch. Though I do improve with each new animation I still have some problems with each principle pop up in my animations I will continue to improve.

For the first animation using Norman the loop for the animation walk  in place is good but the body movement do need work the arms stalls at the top before rushing down, this is a spacing problem that is visible in my first works. The figure could use a bit more squash and stretch in the spine when moving back and forth. The next three animations show some improvement with spacing but there are moments when the animation is to fast like beginning of the Kicking Chair animation or to slow like the sitting up action in the Sit to Stand animation. In my Pace animation the knees are off causing them to throw off the whole animation so I cannot select a specific point that was good though the movement of the hips improved with understanding the figure eight motion they make during a walk. The last animation  for this year showed the most with arcs, though the spacing in the beginning is a bit slow the spacing of Norman improves after it stands.  The chair needs to have more slow in and slow out in its movements. The last action of Norman sighing shows the most improvement with spacing of action and anticipation.


About dercks

Shelby is a student at Alfred State College in Digital Media and Animation.
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