Workshop: Exhibit

I visited the “Core Sample” exhibit on December 7 at the Alfred Ceramic Art Museum. The exhibit consisted of selection from the artworks from the fundamental group on which the museum was built. There were recent works of art like the 2015 Trigram Vision by Jamie Smith, and ancestral works like the Zodiac Brick created by an unknown Chinese artist during the Six Dynastic Period displayed together. The exhibit showed advances in the art of ceramics but also the influences history had and still has on the art.


1986 Spooks by Mark Burns attracted interest as it was different from the works around it.  The oddly dark yet cartoon like characters are brightly colored attracting you attention at first but as you look closer you see the darker elements in the piece. The three towering figures over the head in the bed give a feel of power difference.


Magic Castle by Geri Grimm

The 2011 Magic Castle by Geri Grimm was interesting because of the feel of a 3D animation scene. Even though the stoneware art was only one color the varying  textures create contrast between the rough walls and the smooth ascents that surround the figure in the center creating space and depth to the work. The work almost seems as if it will animate any moment and move around the scene with the captured look of wonder on the girls face.

These to works along with others in the exhibit made me think of how like in ceramics or stoneware we take simple starting shapes and build them into scenes, objects, or character to create the illusion of three-dimensions that are physically created in these works. The Spooks showed me that characters can be different designs and colors but still have similar shapes and create a feeling of fear through their forms with no other scenery but a bed. When creating a character for an animation or program I can work on having the character create it own feeling threw looks be it fear or happiness. The Magic Castle bring forth the thought of scenery and how the texture, form, and shape of a work can create a scene of wonder even without color. The similar art style between the character and scenery inspires me to work on having that seamless union in my own animations even before adding color. The both work also inspires me to work more on the placement of elements in the scene to create a more seamless looks.

(Images from museum site was not sure if picture taking was allowed )


About dercks

Shelby is a student at Alfred State College in Digital Media and Animation.
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