Advanced 3D Animation:Peer Critique

Animation By: Rebecca Gregory


I will be critiquing the short animation by Advanced 3D student Rebecca Gregory for our peer critique assignment. Our animations were to show the change from one randomly assigned emotion to another with the provided rig. In this animation the character goes from shy to murderous in the span of 3 seconds.

The piece has great transition between emotions in the rigs face controls when it goes from shy to murderous. You can see the eyebrows go from curved up in  shy fear to anger as the character readies the ax to attack with a joyfully sinister smile taking place of a shy pout. The anticipation before the swing of the ax is portrayed well with overlapping action of the arms stretching back before the swing forward and emphasized by the bending of the knees as the character prepares for the jump forward to attack. The swing of the ax as well as the arms have good arcs keeping a natural swing  with a slow start at the pull back and swing forward but picks up speed at the half way and follows threw the swing.

There is a little stiffens in the legs at the start as the character is walking forward it appears almost like a shuffle. From the camera’s view the left leg almost lags behind and the bending of the knee could be a bit more pronounced when stepping but is just a small thing. Though the shift in emotions is well shown the shift from emotions could be spaced out a little in the animation to give an anticipation to what is coming through a slow smile coming on to a shy face as it approaches that is made murderous as the character swings the ax back for the coming attack. But besides these small personal preferences the animation is well made and displays some of the principles of animation well.


About dercks

Shelby is a student at Alfred State College in Digital Media and Animation.
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