Assignment 5

Final WordPress Theme:

HTML format 1:

My plan for one page scrolling site did not work out well during coding so I returned to the linked pages for now. My mobil code needs to be fixed so is not present in this code but will be fixed with any suggestions in HTML format 2. This site design uses muted greens and light purples to contrast the future rendered maya images that will have the common gray background surrounding the model. There is consistency in the rounded home buttons, the navigation, and gallery images, as well as the rounded edges of the rectangular divs that are used for text and full images. The glow that emits from the navigation indicates the ability to interact with the page and incites the understanding that to click the image will cause something to happen. In this case to click will take you to the corresponding page.


I changed the prototype to more show who I am. To be blunt I’m not really loud or in your face so I chose light blues and grays for my site color. I choose to switch from all my art to my more cartoonish illustrations for now. I plan to have the images black and white but on hover change to a colored in version. Right now I have to choose some images to digitalize for the webpage but will have them done by then.  After studying some other portfolio sites I loved the one page scrolling site that some had with an image in the first area and a menu that scrolled the page to sections on the page. I also have plans to have a fixed image in the background that will be seen for moments in the scrolling till the end when it  is fully visible.



About dercks

Shelby is a student at Alfred State College in Digital Media and Animation.
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