Advance 3D Animation-Self Critique

2_1 from Shelby Derck on Vimeo.

This semester I gained understanding of rigging my own model for our object and animal hybrid project. The challenge of designing both the model, rigging, and controls was a bit challenging. I still need to work on setting restraints for the rigs as well as planing for the rigging during the modeling phase. Though I do need to improve I can say the modeling did turn out well as the pig paint roller does have its own charm and the rigging does work well even though it is simple.

For our emotion change animation the interdiction of the new rigged character did give me a little more trouble as the rig had more complicated controls and I was unable to figure out how to add the texture. I have come to understand that even though I have a better understanding of last semesters character Norman does not mean all rigs act the same. With the addition of the solid body figure we also introduce the mesh problems. I do have to work on my control of our new rig but I was able to follow the steps we learned last semester to start with pose-to-pose animation first then have the program generate the movements between the poses I do need to make sure I have time to go through the play blast and make changes to the squash and stretch as well as my spacing between frames. I hope to work on all my faults as well as improve on the areas I have some skill. I understand I am still a learner in the art of animation and will seek to improve in my own time outside of college assignments.


About dercks

Shelby is a student at Alfred State College in Digital Media and Animation.
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