Art History 2-Gallery Write-up: Alfred University Ceramic Muesam

On May 2, 2017, I visited the Alfred University Ceramics Museum for the Core Sample: Additional Findings exhibition. This exhibition consists of works from the permanent collection of Alfred Ceramic Art Museum collection that come from multiple artist so the works very in design and materials.


Sculpture By Marcus A. Acevedo


Sculpture By Marcus A. Acevedo









One work that I found interesting as well as funny is Sculpture (2010) by Marcus A. Acevedo. In which a stoneware man who is half glazed is on a ladder reaching out to give a giant unglazed stoneware head a wet willie. The giant head is blowing onto a small set of a glazed lake with a section of land on it in which a boat maned by three figures is sailing. The funny thing is they are all the same person. With only the name Sculpture one cannot be sure what is the idea or meaning behind the piece but I think of the depictions of the Odyssey where the gods blow the ship of course and the man on the ladder is messing with the god. This piece has the look of a Greek sculpture but at the same time the colorful glazes gives it a modern feel.


Inversion By Anne Currier

Anne Currier’s Inversion (1990) made with earthenware that was glazed was an eye catcher with its smooth looking surface created by multiple shapes that are formed into one. The rounded edges and grain like texture gives the impression that it could be made of sand but the added hard edges and forms shows otherwise. This piece has a more contemporary feel that could be compared to cubist sculptures with it geometric shapes but smoothed edges.

The as the artist and materials change so does the form and design. This exhibit allows viewers be they aspiring artist or just those interested with the works to get the understanding that there is no set design or rules for sculpture. Each work has its own aspects from history that have been combined with modern techniques. Looking through the varied works can be seen as looking through both the past and future of ceramics.


About dercks

Shelby is a student at Alfred State College in Digital Media and Animation.
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