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Shelby is a student at Alfred State College in Digital Media and Animation.

Art History 2-Gallery Write-up: Alfred University Ceramic Muesam


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Advance 3D Animation-Self Critique

2_1 from Shelby Derck on Vimeo.

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Interactive Design-gallery Write-up 3c:Combinatorics Cybernetics Crystallography

On Saturday, April 22, I viewed the 3c Combinatorics Cybernetics Crystallography exhibition at the Frosdick Nelson + Immersive Gallery consisting of works by Michael Mykola Haleta there were other works from another artist but at the time they were not … Continue reading

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Interactive Design-Gallery Write-up Circle and Square

On Tuesday, April 18, I viewed the Circle and Square exhibition at the Cohen Gallery consisting of vase like statues made by William Underhill. The statues have different geometric shape forms or designs combined to make interesting structures.     … Continue reading

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Assignment 5

Final WordPress Theme: HTML format 1:

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Assignment 4: Java Script Interaction


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Llewellyn Gallery Visit: (In)Voluntary Memories By Alysia Kaplan

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